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SP1 Charity Events 2016

Watch this space! SP1 has a growing list of Charity Events coming up this year, including Wolf runs. X-Runner events, Marathons and many more. Feel free to sponsor us or join us on these events! We have a Team of 5 ready to hit the first event 16th April 2016!


Fun filled weekend of Motorcross for the SP1 Team!

Not only are we passionate about automotive and motorcycle design but we regularly get out and push our limits at the track! This weekend it was motorcross! Excellent day out and it only ended with one blown up engine and a potentially broken arm!
Well worth it for the photos though!

1299 and Scambler test rides

An interesting morning out, Courtesy of Ducati Coventry we were able to test out the latest Scrambler and 1299s models!
Both very different to ride but equally exciting and enjoyable! One with extreme power and precise handling, the other low
speed and forgiving. The scrambler actually being more fun on the road as it gave the confidence to push it to its limits!